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January 25, 2021

hey there, I'm Lisa!


Let me help you tell your story and create beautiful wall art, books and albums that you'll treasure always!

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Today there are so many online consumer labs offering an endless array of photo products online. So naturally people ask me if they can “just” buy the image files so they can create their own photo books, canvas prints, and more. I’m here to say that there are so many reasons to let your professional photographer order your prints for you.

I like to  provide my families with a complete solution for their photography needs! From helping you plan your personalized photo session, to choosing your favorite images, to printing your art, and delivering it to you – ready to display. Shoot, I’ll even help you hang it on your wall! I’m all about doing the work for you while you sit back and enjoy!

Photo albums and photo books on display

1. A Personal Assistant

Raise your hand if the image files from your last session are still sitting on a thumb drive. Maybe you downloaded them to your computer but never printed them or you lost them in a hard-drive crash. It happens to the best of us! 

For some folks, it’s a bit overwhelming to make all these decisions.

  • What style of photo prints should I order? What are my options and the pros and cons?
  • Which images and sizes will look great together on my wall??
  • Should I buy a book? or Image folio?
  • Which products would make nice photo gifts?

It’s a time-consuming process. You’re busy with life; work, running the kids to all their activities, and trying to find time to spend together as a family. Ordering wall art, photo books just doesn’t make the top of your priority list. It could take months to get to it, if you do at all.

I like to provide a guided tour through all the options and handle the work for you so that when you’re finished, you have printed art in your hands, ready to hang on the wall, or place on your shelf. There’s no need for that follow-up trip to Michaels or Hobby Lobby for frames, mats etc… and NO additional time spent online designing and ordering books.

Wall gallery of 6 framed and matted 16x16 portraits.

2. Professional Quality Photos

Have you ever ordered prints, only to be disappointed in the quality? Have your images been unsharp, too dark or light, or has the color just looked wrong? It may be the fault of the print lab. It may be that your own display screen needs to be calibrated.

Regardless of the cause, if your photo prints don’t look great, you’re likely to think that’s your photographer’s fault. ? That’s why I order them personally. My computer display is calibrated to match my pro lab’s printers and then I hand-sharpen your large prints to the sizes you’ve ordered, so they’ll look amazing on your wall. 

It’s important to me that your fine art prints meet the highest archival standards, which means they’ll last a lifetime and beyond. I only use the best-quality paper my lab offers; a pure cellulose watercolor paper that a renders rich color and a gorgeous textured surface. You’ll definitely see the difference between professional photo prints and those from a consumer lab! In fact, consumer labs don’t offer the high-quality paper I provide.

Photo Book displayed on a decorative easel.

3. See Before you Buy

At your ordering appointment, you’ll be able to check out my products in person.  I’ve got samples of most items I sell from simple prints to books, albums and story boxes. I’m proud to show you some really gorgeous ways to display your family photos in your home or gift your portraits to family and friends.

I’ve got traditional framed art for your wall as well as canvas wraps and modern metal prints. My story boxes are lovely sets of matted prints, displayed in beautiful boxes, like the bamboo one shown below. A book or album is another great way to print your family photos. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to show these treasures to your grand-children some day?

Bamboo Image Folio Box
My Bamboo Storybox displays your matted prints under acrylic. Change up the top photo and display it in the box. A decorative easel is also a great way to display your matted prints.

4. Design Services

I’d love to design a photo gallery specifically for the space you want to fill. You’ll get to see what your photos will look like in your space so you’re sure to get the perfect size and arrangement.

Making a book or album can be daunting when you aren’t familiar with the online tools for building them. I’ve got that mastered and can take care of this time-consuming job. You get to preview it and request edits before I order.

Photo Wall Display featuring 3 prints.

So lets do a quick review…

I can save you time, help you make decisions, and guarantee the quality of your albums and wall art. Best of all, I do all the work so you don’t have a thing to worry about.

Wondering what it costs? Find my starting product pricing here.

Ready to get started? Reach out today!

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hey there, I'm Lisa!


Let me help you tell your story and create beautiful wall art, books and albums that you'll treasure always!

About Me


Teens & Grads


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