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August 10, 2020

hey there, I'm Lisa!


Let me help you tell your story and create beautiful wall art, books and albums that you'll treasure always!

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My husband and I recently had our own photo session. Somehow 5 years had flown by since our wedding and I realized we hadn’t had any professional photos taken since! So I messaged my friend Tiff, of Tiffany Scarlatto Photography, and she did an awesome job for us.

I could not wait to get our photos on our wall. It was so much fun doing it and it turned out perfect. So I thought I’d share my experience with you and maybe get you excited to hang your OWN photos in YOUR home!

Here’s how I approached it.

  1. Picked the space I wanted to decorate
  2. Decided what type of wall art best fit that space and our taste
  3. Previewed different configurations of wall art in that space
  4. Experimented with different images in our favorite configuration
  5. Hanged our wall art after it arrived

The space

Everyone’s style and taste varies a bit so there’s no “right” answer on where to hang photos in your home or what types of art are best for you. We have a few walls in our home that are a bit bare and I wanted to fill with photos.

  1. Our living room above the couch
  2. Our spare bedroom that my grandkids use often
  3. Above the headboard in our bedroom

I might get around to hanging photos in other places but these were tops on my list to decorate.

In this case the photos were of my husband and I. We really wanted to enjoy them in our bedroom since its our own personal space together. I’m saving my living room wall for photos of the kids and grandkids because I want them to see themselves and feel loved and important.

Is there a space in your home you’d like to decorate with photos of you with your loved ones? Comment below and share!

Types of Wall Art

After choosing the wall space I wanted to fill, the most important thing was to decide which type of wall art I wanted. There are so many options these days, from the traditional framed prints, to canvas wraps, to the latest trends in Metal, Wood, and Acrylic. Your home decor and personal style preferences will help direct you to the right options for you.

Bob and I decided that we loved the clean and modern look of metal prints best. They are available framed but we preferred them unframed. They come in glossy and matte and we wanted the pop of the glossy finish.

Configuration Options

Next we had to decide on the configuration. I uploaded a cell phone photo of my wall and experimented with different arrangements, sizes and images in the iPad app that I use with my clients. It was fun sharing some of my layout ideas on Facebook with my friends and family and they helped me narrow them down. Below are the finalists.

Trying the various photo sizes and arrangements on our wall gave us a true preview of how the various sizes would fill the space. This helped us make our decision confidently. We both liked an arrangement of 3 photos with the center one being larger than the others. So our final configuration was a 16×16 arranged on either side of a 20×30 in landscape orientation.

The Photos

The iPad App let me try all my favorite photos to see which ones looked best together in the configuration we selected. I picked out an arrangement I liked, but Bob wanted to change up the photos a bit. The app made this easy and quick and I found I really liked the look with the photos he chose.

Final Wall Art Arrangement
Our Final Decision

Getting them on the wall

After the prints arrived I was in a huge hurry to get them on the wall. I had to see our finished work in person! Bob’s a little more laid back about these things, so I took matters into my own hands. Besides, I wanted to learn to do this well so I can help my clients and friends if they ever need assistance!

To be honest, I was a little intimidated about hanging wall art on my wall. I had hung a few things in my office in the past, but I hadn’t done a great job of it, 🤭 and if you take those photos off the wall, there MIGHT be a few mess-ups. Don’t tell Bob, ok????! 🤫

Today I was hanging much bigger prints, and I did NOT want to have extra holes in my wall. I wanted it to be perfect.

Tools for the job

What I did

  1. I marked off the area with painters tape where I wanted to center the entire configuration. I used the edges of my headboard for my left and right borders.
  2. Then I found the center of that space using my measure and marked it with a pencil.
  3. I placed another strip of tape up the center.
  4. I used my hang and level tool to place my center piece at the height I wanted above my headboard and marked that spot.
  5. I pushed the hanger into the wall where my mark was. It was easy to push into the drywall! I’ve read that it could be harder with some drywall than others and they aren’t meant for plaster.
  6. I used the hang and level tool to place the second piece at the height I wanted – centered within the height of the first piece. I used my tape measure to make sure it was exact.
  7. I repeated the process on the other side.

The Result!

Our finished wall

I found the installation process really easy and super satisfying! It took like 20 minutes start to finish. Above is the finished wall.

Here’s another video I found useful when researching how I should go about this whole process!

If you’ve purchased photo sessions from me in the past, but never got your images on your wall, give me a call! I’d be happy to take you through everything from selecting your favorite images and products to helping you install them in your home! Give me a call or send me an email!

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hey there, I'm Lisa!


Let me help you tell your story and create beautiful wall art, books and albums that you'll treasure always!

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