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May 18, 2020

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Do you have a vision for your senior picture outfits?

Do you have your senior picture outfits chosen already?? Some teens and grads come to their planning meeting with a vision in mind. You know the location(s) you want for your portrait session. You’ve got your outfits picked out down to the shoes and jewelry. Maybe you even have a Pinterest board with poses you love. I love a teen who knows what they want! We’ll use your ideas as a starting place and I can offer suggestions to help bring your dream shoot to life.

If you aren’t that teen, and you need tips and ideas, I am happy to help you! I’ll ask alot of questions to draw out your preferences and help you decide on a photo location. We’ll figure out what you should wear in your senior photos to achieve a look you love. Planning is part of the fun and helps get you excited about your senior pictures! It’s all about bringing out the best in you!

Great Senior Picture Outfits

Where do we start when selecting senior picture outfits?

When it comes to wardrobe, first and foremost, be YOU! With that said, make it your BEST you! There’s no need to dress “to the nines”. If that’s not your style, choose more casual outfits. However you do want to feel both confident and comfortable. So taking a little extra care with your clothing choices, can help you feel amazing on picture day!

I suggest selecting one outfit that’s on the dressy side and a second that is more casual. If you want to add more than two looks, that’s great. An extended photo session allows time for up to 4 outfits. You can see how these girls chose a nice dress or jumper for one outfit and jeans and casual wear for another.

Senior Photos Outfit Boy

Know your look and be true to it

Emily wanted a darker look for her photos and chose black to help achieve it, while above her, her sister Molly chose a more colorful palette. Both look great and speak to who they are! That’s what we want for you.

Consider your photo location and whether that influences your clothing style or colors. If you’re shooting in a field of flowers, a light-colored flowing dress would look amazing. If your session is at a farm, you might select western wear. For downtown, you might want something more edgy, hipster or even punk. Finally, a preppy style works just about anywhere.

Check out my Pinterest boards below for senior picture outfit inspiration by style if you get stuck.

Another thing to consider when choosing outfits and accessories for your senior picture session, is your career aspirations. Dressing for your dream job is a great way to capture who you are right now and what you’re looking forward to for your future.

What NOT to wear for your senior pictures

  • Very bright colors reflect onto skin and don’t photograph well. Leave the neon’s at home and go with muted, neutral and softer tones if possible.
  • Crazy busy patterns that will call all the attention to the clothing rather than you.
  • When selecting your outfit, consider that it’s going to be around for a long time. With that in mind you MIGHT want to go with a classic look that will stand the test of time.
  • Outfits that call attention to a feature you’d rather not show off. For example if you’re particularly self-conscience about your arms, you might want to pick longer sleeves or wear a wrap.
  • Overly baggy or overly tight articles of clothing. Clothes should fit you well. They should not restrict movement but neither should they hide your shape.

Weave your story into your senior pictures

Is there a hobby you enjoy, a sport you play, or a cause that’s near to your heart? If so, let’s introduce that into your photo session to capture that part of you! Then, as your third or fourth outfit option, consider your team jersey or band uniform, or a T-shirt proudly displaying the logo of your chosen college or university.

Accessorize your senior photo outfits

You’ll definitely want to accessorize your outfits. Which might mean a jacket or wrap, a scarf, sunglasses, jewelry, a watch or hat… Many of these ideas work for both senior guys AND senior girls! There are so many fun ways to show your personality. These extra touches will style and polish your overall look! Consider props: sporting equipment or jersey, an instrument you play, something that represents a hobby you enjoy…

Try on each outfit before your session

This is really important! About a week before your photo session, you will want to try on all of your outfits. Know exactly what you’re taking including shoes, under garments and accessories. Try them all on and check them in daylight to make sure there aren’t any stains or tears your didn’t notice. This gives yourself time to adjust your plan, wash a garment or make a repair without being totally stressed about it. I’ll call you the week before your session and this is something I’ll ask you about!

Make sure you can sit, stand and walk comfortably in each outfit. Ladies, find out now, if you need a slip or extra layer to avoid a see-thru situation. I don’t want you worrying about your clothing at your photo session. I want you to be relaxed and feeling fantastic.

Lastly, PLEASE don’t assume I can fix clothing issues with photoshop. Unfortunately, that can be a time-consuming effort and may incur additional charges.

Senior picture hair and makeup tips

Many teens love getting pampered on the day of their session with an appointment at the salon. Having your hair and makeup and even your nails professionally donee can make your day more special and give you an added boost of confidence before your shoot.

When it comes to hair and makeup for your senior pictures, don’t go too far off the path of your typical style. If you rarely wear makeup, then stay with a more natural look. Picture day is not a great time to go with a daring new haircut or color either!

If you haven’t been using a self-tanner, please don’t start now. Make sure your finger nails are manicured, and the toes also, if they’ll be “out”, because they WILL show up in your photos! Come as your best self, ready to have fun creating photos you’ll be proud of!

Ask for help if you need or want it!

If you’re in doubt, ask a few friends and family members for their opinions or send me a message and photo. I’ll gladly help you out. Ultimately, this is all up to YOU! It’s your “show”, your day to shine! And I want you to have images you’re super proud of! Let’s make it awesome! ?

Want to talk about a photo session for your senior girl or boy? Use my contact form or schedule a time for me to call you! I’m happy to answer all your questions. Curious about photo session pricing? This guide will get your started on my products and pricing.

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