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When to schedule a senior photo session

April 29, 2022

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Hey there, I'm Lisa!

People often ask me… When should I schedule my senior photo session?

There are some questions I ask to help you decide…

  • What’s your favorite time of the year?
  • Which season’s clothing do you like to wear the most?
  • What time of year works best with everything on in your schedule?
  • Do you need a photo for your school yearbook by a certain date?
  • Are you sending out graduation party invitations or announcements?

These questions will help get you pointed in the right direction when scheduling your senior pictures. In addition, following are highlights and ideas for each season. I hope it helps you decide what time of year you’d like best for your senior photo session!

Summertime Senior Photos

You are officially a senior!! The last class just graduated and you are now stepping into their shoes. One of the first things you can do as a senior, is schedule your senior photo session. The summer before you start your senior year of school is a great time.

With the warm weather, comes green grass, sunflowers and long days with beautiful sunsets. If you like to show off a tan, prefer summer looks like shorts, sundresses and sandals, then summer may be your season.

For some, summer is less busy than the school year. If that’s the case, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare for your session without the overwhelm of school activities. It will be great to have it taken care of so early in the year.

Summer Photo Session Ideas

  • Water. A creek, stream, or lake could help you stay cool while also offering a beautiful setting.
  • Flower Fields. There are some beautiful garden centers and a nurseries in our area that make wonderful backdrops for your senior photos. If you crave sunflowers, they start blooming in mid-August.
  • A Carnival. Carnivals are such a big part of summertime. With all the lights and bright colors, this can be SUCH a fun place to do a themed photo session. Grab your friends for this one!

If summer is the perfect time for you, contact me to book your session in May.

Senior Photos in the Fall

School has started and you are getting the hang of being a senior! School activities like homecoming, football games, other fall sports are in full swing! The days are getting shorter and cooler. As a result, photo session are done earlier in the day – especially after daylight savings.

By Mid October, fall foliage starts to appear in Central PA, and some color is likely to remain through early November. If you love the beautiful fall colors, then Autumn is the perfect time to book your senior session. Think golden light, rustic settings and vibrant colors as your backdrop.

And what about fall clothes?! Break out the flannel, warm sweaters, jeans and boots. A hat or scarf caa add a nice touch, especially if it’s a cool day! Texture and layers are key elements to fall looks and look amazing in fall photos.

Fall Photo Session Ideas

  • Fall Foliage. The combination of the water’s glassy surface layered against the mountains in their full red, gold and orange glory makes an amazing photo backdrop.
  • Sunflowers. September is prime time for sunflowers and they can be a great addition to your photos. So let’s visit a pick your own field and cut a few to take home as well.
  • Orchards. Local farms have apple trees, pumpkins, mums and more to make your photos pop with warm autumn colors.

Remember, this is a REALLY busy time for photo sessions. So you’ll want to get your session scheduled well in advance if Fall is your season of choice.

A Winter Senior Photo Session

While winter may not be the most popular season for senior photos, it is a great time for photography. The sun is low in the sky during the winter months which creates an ideal lighting condition. You can wear your winter outdoor clothing to stay warm. Again, wear a scarf, hat and jacket! To reinforce your theme, bring a cozy blanket and a warm cup of cocoa or coffee!

If you love the snow, and your schedule is flexible, let’s make arrangements to track the weather. We can watch for a storm and take advantage of a fresh winter scene!

Winter Photo Session Ideas

  • Snow. Grab your snowboard, ice skates or sled as a fun prop and go all-in on a winter white theme
  • Holiday. If you love the winter holidays, then take advantage of the lights and decorations that are out this time of year. Shop fronts can make some fabulous twinkly backdrops.
  • Indoors. It isn’t out of the question to find a great indoor location that jives with who you are. A library? Greenhouse? A quaint coffee shop?! Where do you spend your time?

Be sure to contact me during the fall, for available winter dates!

Senior Photos in the Spring

During the spring, you will be busy with spring break, prom, graduation plans and so much more. So if you choose this season for senior photos, be mindful of your schedule.

April brings us the beginning of blooming trees, but the weather can be unpredictable. Some days are warm and sunny while others are chilly or rainy. Therefore, we may have to reschedule to get the best possible day during the early spring months. But with the rain, comes beautiful flowers and green grass! So the backdrop during spring could be exactly what you want for your senior photos!

And what about spring fashion? Ladies, consider white jeans or crop pants with a brightly colored top or a boho sundress. Guys, layer a light-weight button down shirt over a solid T. Don’t forget to coordinate your foot-wear when planning your outfits!

Spring Senior Session Ideas

  • Blooming Trees. Pink and white tree blossoms make for some incredible color and texture in photos.
  • Spring flowers. Consider a place like Longwood, or Hershey Gardens for access lots of beautiful color in your photos.
  • Spring Showers. If you want to do something unique, consider grabbing a colorful umbrella, a rain jacket and boots. Let’s go splash in some puddles and dance in the rain!

If spring is your ideal season, then contact me during the winter months for available dates before they are booked.

Announcements and Invitations

When deciding when to schedule your senior photo session, keep in mind invitations and announcements. If you are having a graduation party, you’ll want to send invites 3-6 weeks beforehand. In that case, schedule your session at least 8 weeks earlier. If you are doing announcements, you have more time since they are generally sent out closer to graduation day.

I hope this has been helpful as you decide when to schedule your senior photo session! No matter what season you choose, I’d love to create the perfect photo shoot that is all about you!! Do you want to see more of my work? Check out my senior portfolio! To book your senior photo session, email me at or complete my contact form to reach out.

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Let me help you tell your story and create beautiful wall art, books and albums that you'll treasure always!

Hey there, I'm Lisa!


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