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December 7, 2021

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Hey there, I'm Lisa!

Photography is an essential part of both personal and business branding. Professional pictures help convey your story, showcase your products and attract customers. Professional photography can make your business more memorable, impactful and powerful.

If you want to take control of how people see you and your brand, then consider a business branding photography session. Business branding sessions involve research, and planning before we take any photographs. Read on to learn more about my business branding photography.

Quinn puts her branding photos to use in her social media posts to generate excitement about her mobile cafe… Quinn’s Coffee Bar!

What Is Brand Photography? 

Business branding photography creates high-quality images to promote your company. It’s a powerful process! Let’s create photos that paint a picture about who you are, what you do and where your values lie.

How Do I Photograph your Brand?

Every small business is different, so photography sessions are different as well. Your business’s imagery should tell an accurate story about who you are to attract the right clients. As long as you have a clear idea of your business’s identity, you can rely on your photographer’s expertise to do the rest! 

Personal Branding vs. Business Branding 

To help you accomplish your business goals, I offer a variety of branding sessions. If all you need is a headshot or two, I can do that for you! But I also provide both personal and business branding sessions, which are more involved. 

If you need photographs to establish or market the brand that is you, you’ll need a personal branding session. The resulting images will be perfect for your social media profiles, or to celebrate a big accomplishment.

If you’re looking for images to use when advertising your business, a business branding session is perfect for you. It will provide you with an entire gallery of images to use over the coming months in a variety of ways.

Personal Branding Sessions

Personal branding is all about who are you and what’s important to you. A personal branding session takes about an hour. You’ll have the opportunity to change into a few different outfits and try out multiple poses that convey your personality. 

Personal branding sessions are for just that — your personal brand. These are great for influencers, actors, authors and more. If you want to take photos for your small business, consider a business branding session instead. 

Business Branding Sessions

Branding photography, is a vital tool for businesses of every size. Professional photos can help your clients recognize you in seconds and quickly connect with your offer. Business branding sessions are styled to the aesthetics and messaging unique to your company and marketing goals. Business branding sessions include:

  • A research and planning phase. 
  • Photoshoots at one or multiple locations. 
  • As many outfit changes as needed.
  • An entire gallery of professionally retouched images. 
  • Photos of you, your products, tools of the trade and other participants as needed. 
Quinn’s personality comes across so well in her branding photos, inviting her clients connect with her in person. Behind the scenes images peak their interest and help them get to know and trust her.

What Is the Process for Business Branding Photography? 

Business branding photography is more involved than personal branding and headshot photography. The process is more detailed, and we strategically plan your photo session to deliver the results you need. It will include the following steps: 

1. Complete an Intake Survey 

Research and planning are a fundamental part of how you photograph a brand. First, I’ll need to gather in-depth information about your brand and target client. So I’ll have you fill out an intake questionnaire to help me understand your business, your ideal client, and what you need your images to communicate.

Once I have enough information, I’ll begin researching and outlining ideas to present to you.

2. Approve and Contribute Ideas 

Next, I’ll make recommendations for storylines and themes to guide your photoshoot and images. You’ll have a chance to approve or reject these themes and offer your own ideas during our planning meeting. I’ll make sure we’re on the same page and ready for your big day, including a list of what to bring to your session!

3. Select a Location & Meet for the Photoshoot 

During the planning phase, we’ll decide on a time and location for your business branding photoshoot. Then you’ll arrange the perfect location(s). On session day, we’ll spend four to eight hours together creating photos with a variety of outfits, poses and props and settings.

4. Enjoy Great Results! 

After the photoshoot, I’ll select and professionally retouch the best photographs from your session. Then I’ll upload your image files to an online photo gallery, where you’ll have access to download them to your own device or cloud storage. You’ll have the right’s to make use of your photos as you see fit. For example, you might update your website, create marketing materials or use them in social media posts.

Quinn’s Brand photos quickly give her clients an idea what her food truck has to offer without having to take the time to read a post, menu or description.

Branding Photography Pricing

My business branding sessions are available in half and full day increments. You’ll be responsible for additional expenses like location rentals, permits, and travel. I recommend that you have your hair and makeup done professionally on the day of your session as well.

Quinn’s branding photos help her customers easily recognize and find her and her food truck at an event.

What to Expect for Your Business Branding Session

If you’re interested in a business branding session, keep in mind that it’s more than a quick once-and-done experience. A branding shoot requires multiple meetings throughout the process to strategize our photography session. 

The planning phase is necessary to produce the best possible results. We’ll combine my ideas and your input to map out a photo session that will truly capture your business’s identity. The results are well worth the time you invest. Once you have your image downloads, you’ll be able to put them to use on a daily bases for social media posts, website updates, brochures, and so much more!

Look for Quinn’s Coffee Bar next time you attend a local event!

Contact Me for Harrisburg Business Branding Photos

All business owners can benefit from professional branding photography. High-quality pictures can solidify your business’s identity, promote awareness of your brand and help you achieve your goals. 

If you’re interested in professional pictures in Harrisburg, PA, reach out to me today! As a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), I’d love to discuss how I can help you elevate your business with photography. I’ll work with you through every step of the process to make sure we produce the best results for your marketing plan.

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Let me help you tell your story and create beautiful wall art, books and albums that you'll treasure always!

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